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Camera compare tools

Our Photo/Video Compare tools are designed to give you an idea of how well a given camera performs in real-life conditions, and how it stacks up against its peers. Being able to look at the images produced by up to three devices side-by-side is immensely helpful in figuring out how good a given cameraphone actually is.

While we still take "real-life" outdoor photos with all of the devices we review (which you can check out in the reviews themselves), those are frequently at the mercy of the weather, and not as easy to reproduce all year round as we would like. That's why we designed this test to be as objective as possible - all samples are taken in controlled conditions in our studio, at the same time of day under the same lighting.

The tools allow you to judge a cameraphone's performance not only in terms of resolved detail, but also image processing (noise reduction, sharpening) and camera lens distortion.

With the Photo Compare Tool, you'll be able to choose from one of three different charts, and up to three devices to compare. Each device is listed with its native resolution, but you can scale all the sample photos to see how cameras of different resolutions compare against each other. A good 8MP camera, for instance, will typically be sharper when scaled down to 5MP, but sometimes the lower-res camera will win out when you equalize the resolution.